Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Virtual MultiTouch - 3D entertainment controller

Swiss tech designers OZWE have created a virtual interface that replicates the iPhone screen's control surface.... controlled by gesture in 3D! According to TechCrunch,

Think of the convenience of multi-touch gestures applied to all your media, and not limited to a small patch on your laptop. Raise your hand and make your fingers into a shelf, then lower it the volume decreases. Spin your finger around clockwise to fast forward, counter-clockwise to rewind. Speak the name of a song, or the track number, or hold up an album cover to play it. This from anywhere in the same room as the QB1 or whatever successor makes good on these ideas

That's right, not just controlling the audio functions, but actually selecting tunes based on picture recognition (moot point - who has album covers any more?). Anyway, the video isn't embeddable, but can be found here

Faris wrote a couple of months ago about Pattie Maes from MIT's TED talk showcasing the wearable web, and this announcement shows that this type of tech is nearer than we think.


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