Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Viral tactics? or am I too cynical

Pretty bad hey! and to be fair, taken down as soon as CBS realised what had happened. And before the days of 5mb mobile cameras, that would have been that. But it isn't, that wasn't, and this pic became this morning's car crash email. And there's a cynical voice in my head imagining the brainstorm where someone thought they could get away with it all being an unlucky coincidence...."no, CBS rep please take it down as soon as possible it's terrible" (we sent a grad out last night to get a photo).

Result: publicity....

No, marketers aren't that cynical.....

so here goes.....

Ok so I guess that there need to be a 'why am i doing this' sort of post. If only because I just looked at five other blogs and no-one else had, which made their first posts seem a bit incomplete, like there was a whole archive section missing. And meant I couldn't borrow any ideas to get me started. So i'm doing one.

I've spent a lot of evenings over the last 8 months watching TV (you don't get out much with a little baby). Well actually I wasn't watching TV, I was reading blogs written by people much more intelligent than me about advertising, marketing and social media. Hardly anyone would say I was watching TV . Because, as I said, I wasn't.
Apart from all those other media planners, because BARB tells them I was in the room when it was on.

So this is about what is going on in all those moments when I am not watching TV. When I am taking the opportunity not to see. As I work in comms planning, hopefully it might be some insight into what lots of other people are doing when they aren't watching TV. Like communicating and that.