Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Mothercare's affiliates following me on Twitter

There's not many of my family currently using Twitter very much, so I don't put much on there about them. I do mention my son from time to time, but I was surprised to be followed by a parenting brand called @MothercareDeals. When you look into it a bit closer, their biog states:

We find bargains available at Mothercare. We are not Mothercare.

And they tweet about anything that is on special offer there and link to a WordPress blog called NipperNews with imagery pulled from the Mothercare site. Which then has links through to the Mothercare site proper, presumably on a percentage of each sale.
So far the people they are following appear to be ones who have just had kids and announced it on Twitter, usually with a message of congratulations. While this does seem a little stalker-y, it is also a very relevant service, and the account does explain why it is following people if they ask. However, most of the references to Mothercare on TwitterSearch are of the 'WTF' variety.
While Twitter is very good at banning spam accounts, I think we will start to see more affiliate marketers who understand how it works really capitalising on Twitter's growing mainstream appeal. If the brands that pay them are not finding ways to be relevant (as Mothercare aren't), then they will take advantage of the trademarking wild west that currently exists on the service to maximise their sales.


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