Monday, 20 April 2009

The Telegraph's #Budget problems

(Photo Credit - Flickr user Noodlepie)
To give The Telegraph their due, they embrace technology more than their reputation (and particularly the reputation of their readers) would lead you to expect. Their newsroom apparently runs a Twitterfall display of breaking trends
(Photo Credit - OneManAndHisBlog)
and in the run up to Wednesday's budget, they had a go at rolling this idea out onto the budget section of their site, displaying every tweet that was either tagged #Budget or mentioned Alistair Darling. So while Skittles seemed happy to take the inevitable abuse that comes with the opportunity to post rude words in incongruous places for a good few days before switching Twitter to a dark recess of their new site, The Telegraph pulled the plug within a few hours. But fortunately not before people had had a chance to have a good giggle and take a few screengrabs, which are preserved here for your amusement.

(Photo Credit - Flickr user Noodlepie)
(Photo Credit - The FT)
(Photo Credit - The Guardian)
As you might guess from the links, there is a little hint of schadenfreude at the other newspaper groups. Can't see anyone hurrying to recreate this idea - it seems to be too much fun for people (particularly those on Twitter) to resist playing with.


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