Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Love, Sleep and Google

Been away for a while and now I'm back. And conveniently a data genius called Yvo Schaap has built this Twitter trend visualizer called TwitterThoughts so that I can see what I've missed. You can track references in a flash interface with all manner of sliders and dropdowns to customise (inluding stuff like total followers who have viewed a meme). and map movement over time (as in the image above). Yvo explains the concept as follows:

TwitterThoughts creates charts based on Twitter tweets in combination with lots of APIs: From a sample of 600 tweets/minute served by the Twitter Api that we send to Yahoo Pipes where it extracts all phrases from the tweet text and the latitude/longitude with use of Yahoo YQL. This Yahoo Pipe outputs serialized PHP back to our local update script that grabs every tweet and phrase and puts it in our MySql database. Daily overviews for fast rendering of the chart data are generated with a daily CRON update. Finally Google Visualization API generates an interactive flash chart based on our JSON data feed.

And it appears what I've mostly missed is love, sleep and google. So pretty much like any other pitch then.
(Hat tip to ReadWriteWeb)


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