Friday, 13 March 2009

Comic Relief - what people are saying in real time

This is a post about data visualisation and Comic Relief. It's really not about Twitter...
As the UK gears up for the BBC's massive charity bash tonight, I thought that there might be some interesting Comic Relief style conversations going on. Neoformics data guru Jeff Clark has just released a tool that builds word clouds out of searches on Twitter (covering the last 200 references to a search query) - so allowing you to see in real time exactly what people are saying on Twitter.

Also really interested to see that basic sentiment analysis is included -
seems to be at a word level (ie 'awesome' or 'funny' are automatically counted as positive regardless of context, and 'weird' shows up as negative) but any non-human based sentiment analysis is a major development in a free tool. Basically positives show up green and negatives red.

So then you can dig deeper into the data by clicking on any word i
n the cloud to add it into the search query: this is what 'comic relief weird' looks like
At this level there are much more references to Chris Moyles.

Given the levels of buzz there has been around TV shows in the last few weeks (Heston Blumental and Masterchef are two that I've joined in, and sure that non food geeks are doing this too), this type of application seems perfect to be added into backchannel visualisations from the major broadcasters.


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