Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Hashtags and trends

Oh dear, third post in a row about Twitter.....

So we launched a really cool thing at work last week called REAL Social, which is a whole range of partnerships and projects bringing disparate parts of Publicis and external partners together and make working together faster and more fun. Nick Burcher has all the details, as he helped build it. And at the press launch on Friday there were lots of people twittering away, all using the hashtag #REALSocial. We set ourselves the not outrageous target of 80 or so tweets an hour (bearing in mind that there were 100 or so people in the room, and 50 more on webinar) that
are generally needed to get a tag into the 'currently trending' type of lists on apps like Twitscoop.

I'm not sure if I'd missed something on how trendtracking apps work, but I've never followed any of them as i'm not particularly 'trend-y' and anyhow that isn't really what i do on Twitter. So it wasn't until other people who do subscribe to them started RT'ing th
at the #REALSocial tag was trending that i realised the relevance of this: so basically everyone who follows Twitscoop (7000 odd) gets a message to tell them 'this is important, you might like to find out more about it', with a list of the people who are contributing most to it for them to follow up. So suddenly we had gone from our own individual networks of a couple of hundred people, to thousands that follow each of the trend tracking services. Which made me think of this diagram.

(Pic Credit - David Armano)
And thinking about it, I clearly have missed a big chunk of how trending and hashtags work.


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