Thursday, 2 October 2008

Brand Tags

I hadn't played around with this for a while, and there's now enough results on the original (US) version to find some interesting detail at a tag level. When I've used it in the past I've only looked at tag clouds for individual brands, which I've found entertaining but not that useful. If you search for Tags though, then look at the brands that they are most often applied to, this can open up some interesting questions. How is Virgin Atlantic's "cool"ness and "new"ness different from American Airlines' "old"ness? Is 30something still young in airline world, or is Branson less naff over on t'other side of the Atlantic? What really stood out was the 2 Japanese and 1 German car manufacturer in the top 5 for Quality, but no US. The US domestic car industry needs an urgent re-branding job.

The UK site doesn't have that much activity yet, so is more of an entertainment view at present.... searching "cool" as a tag over here shows up Marlboro, Harley and Levis in the top 5. Does this say more about the sort of person who is using the UK site so far, or about the sort of Brit who would use "cool" as a tag in 2008? (Don't know why I'm being cynical, I searched for it).


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