Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Being followed by the godlike genius of Stephen Fry

and I've got the Twitter email to prove it!...along with 4835 (and counting) other people.

It's great that the wonderful Mr Fry is using Twitter to publicise the Rhino conservation work that he's doing in Kenya, and also inviting followers to check TwitPics to confirm that it is actually him. He's also making a point of following back everyone who follows him (which begs the question of how much actual work he's getting done out there, what with tweets, pics and following people back....but then the same could be said about me blogging about it). To me the best bit of this is the warm fluffy feeling I got on receiving the email that (I'm sure incorrectly) suggests that one of my all time heroes might take the slightest bit of interest in what I'm talking about in return!

As you would expect from a technology guru like Stephen Fry, this campaign is a great example of how being interesting and interacting with the community leads to social media success. This can be seen on Icerocket, where activity begins to spike on the 9th October, the same day as his first Tweet, as the social capital of that 'Stephen Fry is now following your updates on Twitter' email leads to conversations.

Conversations lead in turn to more followers: although these emails have been popping up everywhere in the last couple of days, it seems that the Twitter buzz started after the first episode of Stephen Fry in America. The Streamgraph for the last 3 days shows a huge spike in activity after the show.

Not sure if there was a reference to his relaunched site, which has a 'Follow Stephen on Twitter' link on its front page, but can't wait to see more Rhino pics and how the site develops.


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