Monday, 26 January 2009

IPA Future of Advertising and Agencies - the presentation and the blog

A week later....
This is the presentation from last Monday's IPA 44 Club, which caused a bit of a fuss. There were a few more people including me being relatively critical on Twitter. And the IPA might very well have ignored it, and carried on trying to sell the research to people who needed it (and lets face it, there are plenty in our industry and those that we work directly with). But they didn't. Respect to Nigel Gwilliam, Head of Digital at the IPA, who joined in with the comments
and has now started a blog that aims to take the report as a starting point from which to share knowledge for the industry - an open communal IPA resource.

Although the IPA were criticised for the way this project was launched, I think that this response shows a real understanding of how brands are going to have to change their communication models. (full details of my views on that here) - it is also the way that brands like Dell and Comcast 'came across' dialogue as a marketing tool as a response to negative publicity.

So please visit Nigel's blog, whether or not you are an IPA member, and add your views on how we can help our industry develop.


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