Monday, 15 December 2008

IgnoreThru Rates

If an ad sales guy shouts about his site having average clickthrough rates of 0.9%, does that mean we could also say it has an IgnoreThru rate of 99.1%? Sounds different when you put it like that..


John V Willshire said...

Brilliant; OTS (opportunity to see) can become 'opportunity to ignore'. GRP (gross rating point) can be 'grossly overrated point'...'s really not about 'reach' anymore, is it?

Leo Ryan said...

And yet - almost every time we present a social media campaign, we're asked "how many people will it reach?", revealing an addiction amongst marketers to big coverage numbers. Its going to be quite a job to wean the industry onto more meaningful engagement or even, haven forbid, action metrics.

Graeme Wood said...

@John - I've been banging on about 'opportunities not to see' to anyone who'll listen - love your terminology! Can I borrow 'grossly overrated point'?

@Leo I find the obsession with big numbers used as an alternative to thinking, usually by people who don't have time to. Scary thing is that marketers are going to be even more scared for their jobs next year, so we may see more reliance on reach because it doesn't rock the boat

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