Wednesday, 3 June 2009

McDonalds interactive outdoor ads - Piccadilly Circus

Ha ha, love this!

It's the start of tourist season in London; over a million visitors heading here over the next three months, and seemingly all converging on Piccadilly Circus. So McDonalds have found a neat use of their digital billboard there to give people something interesting to do, which is designed to inspire creativity and sharing of home-made media. It looks a bit like t

so gives people witty backgrounds to put their friends in. There's an official Flickr group, which does only contain 105 pictures so far (some of which look suspiciously like Leo Burnett folk might have taken them to kick the group off), but to be fair it only went live last week. Here's a couple of images: (photo credit - Flickr user Monty Verdi)

(photo credit - Flickr user Dan.Outram)
And a video....

I love the simplicity of this idea: taking the classic Leaning Tower of Pisa holiday snap, and inspiring people to go out and create their own. Let's face it, everyone who visits London ends up at Piccadilly Circus, and there's not that much to do there. Are branded holiday snaps a new media channel?
(HT to Alexander Wipf at Leo Burnett Frankfurt for the link)


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