Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ads that advertise ad agencies

You'd think that would be a dream brief: sell something that you believe in so much that you actually work there already, by doing your job well. So obviously I won't mention some of the websites that still exist (although the real shockers seem to be no more) on London agency servers. Instead, have a play with this stuff from Boone Oakley, which looks like a YouTube video but seems to have some clever linking stuff going on underneath.

Well obviously it IS a YouTube video, but it is also their website, powered by YouTube Annotations which effectively hyperlink a range of different clips. To make what is basically a YouTube microsite, which is a pretty cool thing to have. The only outward link from YouTube is not to their 'real' brochureware site, but to a Zazzle merchandise site from where you can buy images from the film. Only question is when some other agency will nick the idea for a client in a Modernista/Skittles type of way.
(HT to @vertico2k for the link)


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