Friday, 29 May 2009

We7 - free music streaming and sharing

I have a have a tendency to request Beta invites for anything that looks like it might be interesting, and then often forget to actually do anything with them. I guess that's what happened with We7, a Spotify competitor that has just emailed me an invite code.

The interface web rather than desktop-based, but the selection of music looks at first glance to be a good start (ie lots of artists I like, but not necessarily all of their albums). What is interesting though are the sharing options; playlists can be set up as apps in your social network, although currently that only works as long as your preferred network is Bebo. The playlist appears in your profile page like this:
And can offers embed codes like the one at the top of the page. As it's a sunny day I've grabbed a few tunes that remind me of summer, but with a bit of a range of style and era to show the range of music already available on We7.

I don't think this is anything radically new, but the idea of embed and share app codes for playlists is pretty sleek. While you can do far more on LastFM, you have to start parting with cash to get any of Last's better features. And obviously, I like having all the music there is available on my desktop.


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