Friday, 6 February 2009

A Presentation About Community, By The Community

Love this idea!
Neil from Only Dead Fish was due to present to 50 planners at the IMM conference on the power of online communities, and decided to illustrate his subject by crowdsourcing the presentation - anyone who wanted to contribute sending one slide. I was one of 30 people who joined in, and the finished product is below, but well worth reading the full narrative that accompanies it here.
A Presentation About Community, By The Community
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According to the IMM website, most of the delegates at the conference are from media agencies, so hopefully we can look forward to some more media agency bloggers in the near future. With a few honourable exceptions we're a pretty reticent bunch when it comes to sharing our ideas in public, and there can be no better inspiration than Neil&everybody's presentation.


neilperkin said...

Thanks Graeme, and thanks again for the contribution :)

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