Tuesday, 30 September 2008

so here goes.....

Ok so I guess that there need to be a 'why am i doing this' sort of post. If only because I just looked at five other blogs and no-one else had, which made their first posts seem a bit incomplete, like there was a whole archive section missing. And meant I couldn't borrow any ideas to get me started. So i'm doing one.

I've spent a lot of evenings over the last 8 months watching TV (you don't get out much with a little baby). Well actually I wasn't watching TV, I was reading blogs written by people much more intelligent than me about advertising, marketing and social media. Hardly anyone would say I was watching TV . Because, as I said, I wasn't.
Apart from all those other media planners, because BARB tells them I was in the room when it was on.

So this is about what is going on in all those moments when I am not watching TV. When I am taking the opportunity not to see. As I work in comms planning, hopefully it might be some insight into what lots of other people are doing when they aren't watching TV. Like communicating and that.


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