Tuesday, 12 January 2010

iPhone apps for bands

Yep, it's not just brands that are at it, up and coming bands are doing the app thing as well. Obviously there's established bands already been doing this: Coldplay example here. But all bands have ready made content in tunes and videos (not just music vids - this example showcases a load of stuff from YouTube: onstage views of the audience, random interviews with the band, the sort of thing that any band with a Flip and a bit of personality could come up with). The pics below are from new Kitsune act Chew Lips' app put together by Xenodium. As well as brief biog and long video menu, there are also four tunes (streamed rather than integrated into the app - and from what I can tell optimised for 3G rather than wifi streaming, as there's far less drop-out in the 3G performance),

and live listings with links to Ticketmaster.

Xenodium appear to the be the musician's app provider of choice in the UK, but MobBase in the US not only offer a $50 app build for musicians, but were even marketing it as an Xmas gift for musicians last month.

Love to know how many downloads these are getting, as if the music is worth listening to you'd keep the app on there for long enough to remember the name -


Alvaro said...


I started the band apps with xenodium. It's all a bit of an experiment I set up. Would love to hear feedback and suggestions.


aaron said...

I am using SpinApp.com to create my band's iphone app. Its cool because i can also launch an Android version too.

Graeme Wood said...

@Alvaro Nice work - it's a really neat approach to band promotion (music, vids and links to ticketmaster, without using too much memory - so better result than the Coldplay version i linked to!) - my only issue with it is that it won;t run in the background, but then that is Apple's problem not your's!

@aaron really interested to know how it's woring for you? Do you do any additional (ie paid) promotion like advertising in other music apps?

Anonymous said...

I use IYFMusic.com it is way better then any of the other ones.

Anonymous said...

BigForge has a great platform for bands to create their own iPhone apps. Build yourself or we can do it for you! Link to blogs, facebook/twitter, music samples and youtube videos. You can send push notifications and provide a list of gigs and link to google maps so your fans can get directions to you from their current location. We're happy to build your app then show you how to update and manage yourself. Our apps look awesome, we're less expensive than Mobile Roadie AND we're small enough to give you GREAT customer service.

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