Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Recruitment iPhone apps

This question made me think when I first saw it - 10 years if you're interested. Strangely enough after you've got one job, you tend to find other ones through people rather than through advertising. I'm sure that this was always the case to some degree, but making wide ranging connections with relevant people has become quicker and easier the same way everything else has.

It doesn't stop recruitment companies with vacancies to fill requiring the attention of suitable candidates though - they can't find everyone on LinkedIn yet. and one called Harvey Nash are approaching it in a slightly different way. I was randomly browsing web apps the other day when I came across this one in the social networks category. 'Are you a digital evangelist' not 'Techulus'. Even a geek like me doesn't want to join a social network for 'iphonians'.

So I couldn't resist, and had a quick look to see what the app was for.

Having never heard of Harvey Nash, I actually scrolled all the way through to see what it was for (well, actually I was looking for a place to comment)

and felt a bit let down when I got to the final screen and realised that this was all an elaborate job ad. An then I was really impressed, as these guys clearly know exactly what is going to grab the attention of potential candidates, and exactly where to put it. Not just making an iPhone app for the sake of it, but making a quick cheap web app that does a better job than any ad


Ross said...

It's amazing the nooks and crannies that advertising can get into. I'm suprised it made it into the store, I would've thought that apps for advertising wouldn't pass the T's & C's

This one is just an elongated ad that because of it's medium, manages to get away with it. If these screens were just written as text in a newspaper, there would be no doubt it's an advert.

Graeme Wood said...

True (although it's a web app rather than a native app - probably for exactly that reason) - but it's a much better ad, with a much better understanding of what the really small niche of relevant candidates might be doing, than a print or banner ad would

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