Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Back to work, armed with new questions...

Hello again. I've been away for a week doing things that don't involve teh internets. Perhaps it is only when you spend a week away from the technobabble that you remember how simple most of the questions and answers are. (BTW this is liberally nicked from DigiDay Daily, but the article frames it as answers that clients give agencies, rather than answers to questions agencies [should] ask themselves)

  • Challenge: I am not tech savvy!
    • Response: It is not about technology—it is about people and culture.
  • Challenge: There is not enough time, I am too busy!
    • Response: Continue to ignore the world around you and you will have plenty of time, but no job.
  • Challenge: My company blocks all social networks!
    • Response: Get a new job, seriously! If you are a communications company that cannot participate in new ways of communicating, there is a good chance your company will soon be gone. Get out of there!
  • Challenge: I am lazy!
    • Response: Perfect, that is the only real excuse :)


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