Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Infallible Customer Service

Q: How do we get people to talk about our stuff?
A. Make better stuff

Hugh MacLeod
and Mark Earls have both co
vered this sort of ground this week, and usually when reading about the 'make better stuff' theory I lean towards Sky as an example (as Apple is a bit too obvious). But that made me a bit twitchy this week as my favourite media-centric social object, my Sky+ box has been a bit unwell recently.
It has been skipping losing audio, failing recordings, and lots of other bad stuff. Obviously none of this worried me initially, as Sky have a customer service department that is light years ahead of any other business I've called. Not only do their polite well trained call handlers sound like they care about sorting your problem out, they also call back to find out if it has been fixed. In the unlikely event that they can't remote on and solve it straight away. So last Friday was the first time I've ever doubted the infallibilty of Sky customer service. They couldn't fix the problem over the phone, and had to call out an engineer. And I'm immensely pleased to say that my faith was restored the next day when we removed half a plant from the satellite dish, normal service resumed and i cancelled the engineer! Once a world-beating product becomes usual, people will still talk about infallible customer service


Simon said...

O2 should definitely read this post. Spending all their money on iphone licencing seems to have cut into their CS effectiveness.

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